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Lot 283

October 9, 2020 gentilly

We currently have lot 283 available for a new home purchased through our office.

We currently offer the following brands:

Fleetwood Homes

Lot 283 can accommodate homes up to size 16×60

Lot 283 is available now with install late summer.

New homes range in pricing from $54,100-$65,000 depending on the brand and can be installed usually within 3 months (or sooner) after date of order.

All new homes include the following:

Home will be set-up with water/sewer/power connections installed
Home will be skirted with standard vinyl
New A/C Unit installed with warranty
Front Steps

New homes can add various front and rear porch/deck options!

Considering New v. Used? Here are some benefits to owning a new home:

Updated energy efficient appliances
Energy efficient homes
Resale value
Great way for students to build credit while in school
Enhanced living experience
Repair costs

Thinking of purchasing a new home? Contact our office so we can best support you in this process.